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Planning for life goals.

Personal finance is more personal than finance.

If I wasn't in the business and was seeking a financial planner to help guide me through big life decisions, I'd definitely look for an advisor that I could connect with. Someone who spoke my language and encouraged me to go after what I want in life. I would also want this person to be a thinking partner and an accountability partner, the same way a coach wants to bring out the best version of a player. I discovered my why once I realized that I was working in the right industry, but with the wrong group of people.

Most financial planners broadly help “individuals and families.” By contrast, I founded BWM to specifically and intentionally serve a particular type of client. Our processes are designed to help high income, busy professionals in their 30s and 40s with actionable strategies.

Our generation doesn't want to wait until our 60s to start enjoying life, nor should we. We develop plans and systems that allow you to achieve the goal of living well today while still planning responsibly for tomorrow. BWM is for motivated, self-made professionals who want their money working as hard for them as they worked to earn it.